Mingle around the food


Sliders, Sliders, Sliders

We have an exciting list of various sliders that are made right in front of you and your guests!


Grab and GO

Trendy offerings such as truffle mac and cheese balls, mason jar winter salads and singapore cocktail shrimp


Comfort Classics

Butter chicken, Poutine and Nachos will warm you up during the holiday season.

Menu does not include taxes, set up/tear down or rentals.

Holiday food station menu $70.00 per person

Our holiday food station menu is designed for crowds of 30 people or more. Each guest will have the opportunity to interact at our food stations. Each station requires a chef to prepare on site and replenish items as needed. We provide Complimentary Beer, wine and soft drinks. (15% gratuity applied)

Holiday food station menu

All stations require chefs on site- Vegan, dairy, vegetarian and gluten free options available.